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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Abbreviation used below:-
TQ =Top Qualifier (in class)
FTD=Fastest Time of Day (in class)
PBD=Personal Best of Day (for that driver)
PB =Personal Best (on this track for that driver)
TR =Track Record (for class)
2WD Mod A
TQ: Brady Anthes 16/5m1.405s
7th Daniel Lokos (Q6) 16/5m14.248s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
6th Steve Madziara (Q7) 16/5m16.612s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 9
5th Brian Stewart (Q5) 16/5m10.802s(PBD in Rnd 2 7
4th Nathaniel White (Q4) 16/5m7.289s(PBD in Rnd 2 7
3rd Calvin James (Q2) 16/5m7.419s(PBD in Rnd 2 4
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (Q3) 16/5m7.039s(PBD in Rnd 2 4
1st Brady Anthes (TQ) 16/5m1.405s(FTD in Rnd 2 2
2WD Mod B
6th Leo Lorenzen (Q13) 14/5m8.246s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 9
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q12) 15/5m16.141s(PBD in Rnd 3 9
4th Sam Betts (Q11) 15/5m10.204s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
3rd Damien Betts (Q8) 15/5m2.158s(PBD in Rnd 4 4
2nd Callum Mitchell (Q10) 15/5m0.177s(PBD in Rnd 3 4
1st Jade Chandler (Q9) 15/5m5.112s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 2
TQ: Kohen Mould 12/5m17.991s
7th Wes Burgess (Q7) 7/4m56.203s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 14
6th Linc Brown (Q6) 9/5m8.566s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 12
5th Lucas Chandler (Q4) 11/5m25.010s(PBD in Rnd 2 10
4th Aaron Burgess (Q3) 11/5m5.538s(PBD in Rnd 2 6
3rd Callum Betts (Q2) 11/5m8.492s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
2nd Zack Scott (Q5) 12/5m19.285s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 4
1st Kohen Mould (TQ) 12/5m7.439s(FTD in Final Leg: 1 2
Stadium Truck
TQ: Brady Anthes 16/5m14.198s
7th James Atkinson (Q6) 11/5m20.890s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 14
6th Richard Green (Q7) 13/5m24.290s(PBD in Rnd 3 10
5th Leo Lorenzen (Q5) 13/5m10.568s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 9
4th Calvin James (Q4) 15/5m14.848s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 6
3rd Brian Stewart (Q3) 15/5m4.014s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (Q2) 15/5m1.021s(PBD in Rnd 4 3
1st Brady Anthes (TQ) 16/5m11.997s(FTD in Final Leg: 2 2
2wd Stock A
TQ: Alex Cort 16/5m20.940s
9th Adrian Gray (Q9) 13/5m4.899s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
8th Daniel Aherne (Q7) 14/5m26.975s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
7th Allister Whelan (Q8) 14/5m22.163s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 11
6th Clint Brown (Q6) 14/5m10.751s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 10
5th Danny Tatnell (Q5) 14/5m12.557s(PBD in Rnd 3 10
4th Matthew Chandler (Q4) 15/5m19.747s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 6
3rd Chris Madziara (Q3) 15/5m19.905s(PBD in Rnd 4 6
2nd Alex Cort (TQ) 16/5m20.940s(FTD in Rnd 4 3
1st Daniel Lokos (Q2) 15/5m9.100s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 2
2wd Stock B
9th Ian Scott (Q17) 11/5m24.378s(PBD in Rnd 3 16
8th Andrew Eberhardt (Q18) 11/5m5.852s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 14
7th Yannie Rettas (Q15) 12/5m7.923s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 12
6th Kohen Mould (Q16) 12/5m10.838s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 10
5th Josh Weber (Q14) 13/5m26.148s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 7
4th Mark Cullen (Q13) 13/5m22.567s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 6
3rd James Atkinson (Q11) 13/5m9.592s(PBD in Rnd 3 6
2nd Richard Green (Q12) 13/5m9.437s(PBD in Rnd 3 4
1st Aaron Burgess (Q10) 13/5m7.646s(PBD in Rnd 4 2